Constellations are usually done in a group setting. A client states his or her issue, preferably in one sentence. Often, the client is then asked to take a position in the room and represent him or herself, that is, to feel whatever movement arises. At other times, somebody in the group may represent the client. Other people in the group might also be asked to represent certain members of the client’s family. Many people might be needed, or just one.

That is the moment when the constellation comes to life. The dynamics around the person or situation are exposed through the movement that appears. This makes room for a new motion which completes that which was interrupted and restores love and balance. In order to take what is, as it is.

Unlike the movements which take place in the family conscience level, where there is a need to endlessly try to compensate, the new movements can somehow lift us to another level, where the influence of this conscience stops and there is no longer any need for reparation or atonement. These new movements always lead to love, love towards all without discrimination, love reconciled and united with that which it used to confront. A movement that goes beyond, and precisely because it does, has also a future and a permanence.

Constellations can also be done in an individual setting.

Meera 'Indian Flower'
new constellations
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"When we are looking for a solution, we often have an idea what the solution could be. There are situations where this inner picture is correct and good results will come of it. But this is not always possible. But, still, there is a movement. When the movement is out in the light, and we leave the image of the movement untouched, as it shows, without changing anything, the power is much stronger than if we were to search for a solution."