Individual Constellation sessions often lend more privacy to the work between facilitator and client. At times, some previous work is needed to digest one's situation before feeling ready to expose it in a group setting. At other times, the process of becoming aware and developing a new viewpoint may be achieved exclusively in the individual framework. This setting is also useful when confidentiality is necessary, as in certain business or professional issues.

In an individual setting, the perceptions of both facilitator and client unite. In this way, they become aware of those movements which would arise spontaneously in the representatives, were they in a group session. There are several options: working with objects, dolls, or other materials that can be spatially placed. The essence of the Constellation remains the same.

In individual work, facilitator and client can focus more fully on the physical and/or emotional response of the latter. Given the interdisciplinary training of the practitioners, it is also possible for them to use other therapeutic techniques, so as to accompany the birth of a new movement.

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