Constellations are usually done in a group setting. Within this group framework, the client can bring up issues involving any area of his or her life.

Constellations are beneficial to those who do their own constellation, to those who participate as representatives, as well as to those simply acting as observers. Constellation work always resonates throughout the group, affecting the dynamics that each participant recognizes as part of their own family and situation, creating a space of deep respect and love.

There are various options for developing this work in a group. The length of the workshops ranges from a few hours (a morning or an afternoon) to a whole day, or several days.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, check the schedule for upcoming dates and locations, and contact the organizers to make your reservation.

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"When a person has understood that the present is, for better or worse, in resonance with the past, that person's heart beats in tune with the world."