Born in 1925, he is a key figure in today's psychotherapeutic field; trained in Group Dynamics, psychoanalysis, primal therapy, psychodrama, hypnosis, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, NLP and Systemic Family Therapy. Integrating all of which, he gave birth to his work with Familiy Constellations and the discovery of the "orders of love”. "Hellinger Sciencia" is the last and deepest evolution of his philosophical and therapeutic work.


Marie Sophie Hellinger is a doctor, she was director of the Department of Psychology at the Center for Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda for 14 years. Formed in hypnotherapy, NLP, TAO Healing and Color Therapy. She has broad experience in Familiy Constellations. She is one of the best specialists in Constellation work with children. She gives workshops across Europe and America.

Meera 'Indian Flower'
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